Publisher: IGI Global (Oct. 2009)
365 pages
ISBN: 978-1605668901

Infonomics for Distributed Business and Decision-Making Environments
Creating Information System Ecology

edited by Dr. Malgorzata Pankowska University of Economics, Katowice, Poland

The field of information resources management is broad and encompasses many facets of information technology research and practice as well as business and organizational processes. Because information technology changes at an incredible rate, it is essential for all who use, teach or research information management to have access to the most current data and research and keep up with the emerging trends. This publication is aimed at providing a greater understanding of issues, challenges, trends and technologies effecting the overall utilization and management of information in modern organizations around the world.

The chapters in this book address the emerging issues in information resources economics and its application. Information modeling, information management, governance and valuation, collaborative networks development, ethical issues in distributed information environments are topics relevant to business people and academics. Additionally, the chapters provide concrete ways for academics to broaden their research and case study examples, which enable business people to better interpret the text and to avoid the pitfalls discussed in the book.

This book is published by IGI Global (formerly Idea Group Inc.) in October 2009

Table of Contents:

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